At this time we answer all questions and concerns via email within 48 hours of your inquiry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

While we use the technology of CAD (Computer Aided Design) to ensure meticulous detailing, we create everything in an hand crafted manner. We give you our unique designs while preserving traditional methods of design and engineering – our consumers can see and feel a difference in the flow of our pieces! 

Your interest in making a purchase is making us blush! We’re working diligently to add an easy to use e-commerce element to the site soon. In the meantime, please use the “product inquiry” option. We will get in touch within 48 hours.

This is why we started – to meet our tribe! We love that your vision for the world aligns with ours! Please email us and we will get in touch to hear more! 

With the help of our amazing philanthropy coordinator we know our funding is used effectively and honestly! Once your purchase is made, we make a deposit towards tuition fees for children registered with our partners. We are more than happy to respond to any questions or concerns and look forward to making the world a better place with you!